UI Design

What is UI Design (User Interface Design) ? – Ultimate Guide 2021

The UI Design (user interface) is the space where interactions between humans(users) and machines (Products) happen. UI is an essential aspect of user experience (UX) that comprises two major parts: visual design, which express the look and feel of a product; and interaction design, which is the functional and logical organization of elements.

The goal of user interface design is to create a visual design that makes it easy to use and efficient for users to communicate with a product. Basically, the user interface is the visual layout of an application.

User interface design should reduce the effort that the user has to interact with a product and help users achieve their goals with ease. Designers use methods of user-centered design to learn about their target audience and ensure that the visual design they introduce in the UI is well adapted to them. Designers aim to create interfaces which users find easy to use and enjoyable.

To design best UI:

Users evaluate designs quickly and care about usability and likeability

Users don’t care about your design, but about getting their tasks done easily and with minimum effort. So, understand your users’ circumstances and task flows to refine the best, most intuitive UIs that deliver seamless experiences.

UI should also be enjoyable

When your design predicts users’ needs, they can enjoy more personalized and captivating experiences. Charm them, and they’ll keep returning.

UI should express brand values and strengthen users’ trust

Users associate pleasant emotions with brands that speak to them and keep the magic of enjoyable, seamless experiences alive.

UI Design

How to make Great User Interface ?

Users are humans, with needs such as ease and a limit on their mental capacities. You should follow these guidelines:

Make navigation and other common elements perform as expected so users can unconsciously use them everywhere..

Maintain high discoverability. Clearly label images – icons and include well-show indications.

Maintain brand consistency.

Keep interfaces simple with only components that help serve users’ aims and create seamless experiences.

Minimize the number of actions for performing tasks but concentrate on one principal function per page.

Best Tools For UI Design:

1. Figma – https://www.figma.com

2. Sketch – https://www.sketch.com

3. InvisionStudio – https://www.invisionapp.com/studio

4. Photoshop – https://www.adobe.com